08:30 Address
08:45 Address by HG The Archbishop.
H.E. Rev. Msgr Charles J. Scicluna.
09:00 An Anthropology of the Five Senses which flavours the world.
David Le Breton. Anthropologist and Sociologist (University of Strasbourg, France).
09:45 To whom does our body belong?
Andre Marie Jerumanis. Physician and Bioethicist (Theological University of Lugano, Switzerland).
10:30 Break
10:45 The humanisation of medicine between bioethics and biopolitics
Ranier Fsadni. Anthropologist (University of Malta).
11:30 The five senses in the history of medicine
Ruggero D’Anastasio. Physician and historian of medicine (University of Chieti).
12:15 Robotics and the five senses: what relationship?
Franco Balzaretti. Cardiovascular and Emergency Surgeon (Vercelli Hospital).
13:00 Lunch Break
15:30 Intersex: The Invisible ‘I’.
Claudia Bartolo Tabone. Biomedical scientist (Diagnostic Andrology Laboratory, Mater Dei Hospital, Malta).
16:15 Childhood desires, techniques and immaginations.
Marcel Rufo. Child Psychiatrist (Medical Director of L’espace méditerranéen de l’adolescence à l’hôpital Salvator à Marseille.