03 October 2020 11:15 Does the artificial hand produce a sense of touching?
Emmanuel Agius. Bioethicist (University of Malta).
12:00 Physical contact with the person and telemedicine: ethical questions.
Tiziana Stobbione. Bioethicist (Università di Torino).
Alessandro Mastinu. Bioethicist (Università di Torino).
12:45 Ethical questions relted to intimacy and sexuality in homes for the elderly
Jorge Alberto Alvarez Diaz. Physician and sexuologist (UAM Xoclimilco, Mexico).
Lunch Break
15:30 Prejudices and injustices in healthcare arising from the perception of another person’s skin
Carlo Calleja. Moral Theologian (University of Malta).
16:15 Touch and accompaniment at the end of life
Rosa Caron. Psychoanalyst (University of Lille / Paris Diderot).
17:00 The violated face: faceless eyes?
Rolando Paterniti. Criminologist (Università di Firenze).
Coffee Break
18:00 Surgery between touching and cutting: a peculiar relationship between physician and patient.
Rossanna Alloni. Professor of Surgery and Clinical Director (Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma).